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Total Data Migration and Insurgo Collaboration

Insurgo and Total Data Migration (TDM) are proud to announce their partnership for tape media recycling, as TDM now utilizes the revolutionary and uniquely patented data tape erasure technology KIT® (Kills Information on Tape) and SWAT® (Securely Wipes all Tracks) created and offered by Insurgo.

As the producer of this unique patented data erasure technology, Insurgo developed KIT® following many years of research and development with the knowledge of capacity explosion on tape, an understanding of the increasing data protection regulations, and the environmental impacts of disposing of tape media safely in the current period.

Today, we are seeing more stringent privacy laws around personal data, combined with the environmental initiatives to reduce plastics and their usage, and TDM have recognized these needs and have looked to get ahead of the market with Insurgo’s unique and innovative technology.

The data erasure technology works by running the entire length of a tape over the non-wearing, patented magnetic head, removing all traces of data. Once erased, the process allows for tapes to be re-used without any incineration or landfill required, and helps reduce organizational carbon footprints and physical data waste.

The SWAT® technology works in exactly the same way, but using an adapted magnetic head which renders the tapes completely unusable! Both systems uniquely update the cartridge CM chip, to prove they have undergone the full process and wipe details that could be left behind by traditional methods of disposal currently used today.

With Total Data Migration being a provider of tape restoration and other data services, this partnership compliments and adds to the TDM service offering, giving our customers complete transparency, support and confidence that when it comes to disposing of sensitive data on tape, it will be done at only the highest level and with the most efficacy possible.

CEO of Total Data Migration Steve Johnson understands the innovative nature of these offerings:

“TDM partnered with Insurgo Media to bring a revolutionary, state of the art, and what should become the industry standard solution for tape media destruction and recertification with KIT and SWAT systems.”

And Ian Bartlett of Insurgo knows that TDM can find the best way to utilize their innovative products:

“Expanding our product portfolio to the USA was always a key goal for the Insurgo Group. This trusted partnership is a great way for us to achieve our strategy of becoming the global leaders in the tape disposal arena. We can rely on Steve and his team to promote the improved best practices with the Insurgo equipment and mirror our services when it comes to disposing of sensitive data on tape in the USA.”

With this reciprocal and ground-breaking partnership, TDM and Insurgo feel confident in the quality of data services they can continue to provide for their clients, as well as their ability to provide these services for the future. Get started with Total Data Migration, and contact us today to learn more.