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Secure Media Erasure | Mitigating Data Risks

In the last few decades, media storage has progressed and advanced astronomically. Because of this, old legacy mediums like tape have become attractive and are used far less than they were before. That said, whether you love backup tapes or loathe them, they are a key part of many data storage systems and must be managed properly as you shift to new data storage mediums.

When a data storage medium like tape is being transferred and replaced with a more advanced medium, it is important to make sure that the tapes, as well as the data on them, are destroyed properly. If they are not properly destroyed, they can have serious impacts on the risk of data loss, cyber-attack, and the financial risks associated with improper data management. Contact us today to learn more about our tape media disposal services.

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Why Is Professional Tape Disposal & Erasure Important?

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Many have an “it’s just tape” attitude,

but improper tape disposal can lead to data leaks like:

  • Genetic research data

  • Payroll information

  • Email server access

  • Manifest data

  • Medical information

  • And more!

Essentially, if your tape media is not properly disposed of, it can fall into the wrong hands and grant them access to data that you simply can’t afford to have released.

Common Tape Erasure & Disposal Risks

So you’ve decided to retire your tape media storage systems in favor of a newer, faster, data storage medium. So you can simply throw away the tapes, right?

Wrong. Tape media is often thought of as a storage medium that is harmless after disposal. That said, if the tape is not disposed of properly and the data on that tape has not been subjected to data erasure, the data can be accessed by others — leaving your infrastructure exposed. Because of this, your legacy storage mediums must be disposed of correctly in order to protect your data and infrastructure. Some common tape media disposal methods and risks are:

  • Degaussing - Degaussing is a very effective method of tape data disposal. That said, if it is not used correctly by a well-trained, disciplined operator, there is a high risk that data might remain on the tape after degaussing.
  • Shredding - Shredding is the most common form of tape media disposal. That said, shredding can be ineffective because even after being shredded, the pieces can still hold data and be read.
  • Incineration - Incineration is an extremely effective way to ensure the data erasure of tape media. That said, it has a negative environmental impact and incineration plants must restrict the number of tapes incinerated each day — leaving your data intact longer.
  • Landfill - Not only is throwing tape media in a landfill an environmental issue, but it can also be removed from a landfill — leaving your data-bearing assets at risk of being stolen.

For Safe, Effective Tape Data Erasure, Think Total Data Migration

Total Data Migration (TDM) is a global tape specialist that caters to tape-based data systems throughout their lifecycle.

The patented KIT and SWAT systems uses a modified tape drive and head technology to securely wipe media and data from tapes, TDM offers highly detailed and technical knowledge in regard to tape erasure and legacy system retirement. Additionally, offered is, ‘Investigo, a tape-tracking software that provides full-visibility of media use and storage, and can be used to ensure that your data is safe as your tape goes through the data erasure process.

If you are in need of assistance with your tape media — at any point during the tape media lifecycle, we urge you to get in touch with us at Total Data Migration today. We look forward to helping you with all of your tape media and legacy system needs.

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