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Back Up & Retain Data Stored On Legacy Infrastructures

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Maintain Access To Data On Outdated Systems

While tapes and other forms of legacy infrastructure is not as commonly used as they once was, there is still a need to retain access to the information stored on those systems. If information has been created using backup software servers, email platforms, or tape systems that are no longer supported or available, you still need to be able to access the information for legal or regulatory purposes.

At Total Data Migration, we provide value to our clients by helping them retain the data that they have stored on legacy backup infrastructures and tapes. Legacy systems can fail and prevent users from accessing the data that they are looking for. By working with our team, here at Total Data Migration, you can rest assured that your data will always be accessible when you need it — helping you avoid fines and penalties should any regulatory bodies need data that you are unable to access. So what are you waiting for? Protect your data today with the help of Total Data Migration.

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Supported Platforms:

  • NetBackup

  • Backup Exec

  • Arcserve

  • Commvault

  • HP Data Protector

  • Retrospect

  • And a select few others.

Catalog Ingestion vs. Legacy System Maintenance

When most people consider catalog ingestion, their first thought is always “well, why can’t I simply maintain my legacy systems?”

In most cases, the most efficient thing that you can do is to maintain a system rather than replace it. When it comes to data storage solutions, this is not the case. Legacy systems are labeled using the word “legacy”for a reason — they played a large role in society but there is no chance for that system to become a primary system again. Because of this, it does not make sense to maintain your legacy system, as it is likely never to become compatible with another tool. System, or reader again. In short, maintaining your legacy system can be costly as you try to keep the systems up to date on the licensing while losing the space that they take up.

At Total Data Migration, it is our goal to provide our catalog ingesting services to businesses and entities that need access to their legacy data but don’t want to depend on the legacy systems to acquire their data. After our catalog ingesting services, you will be able to access your data without needing the tapes and data storage solutions that you once relied on.

Our catalog ingesting service allows us to move the catalog to a non-proprietary format without losing any of the information of granularity needed to identify tapes when a restore is required. And to take our services one step further, we will help you restore your tapes should you ever need to.

Our Catalog Ingestion Process

Every commercially available backup software creates a catalog of each tape it creates — holding details of what file or session is on each tape, and where they are located. When a user needs to restore a file, they interrogate a catalog using the backup software to identify the requite tapes. Then, software is used to perform the restore.

At Total Data Migration, we have developed a set of utilities that can extract the catalog and translate it to a non-proprietary format like a MySQL or SQL. The new format can be interrogated outside of the backup software to identify the tape’s content. Once this has been done, restores can be completed using our non-native restoration tools.

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