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Tape And Data Restoration

Features of services include:

  • Secure, compliant solutions for the restoration of data and voice tapes
  • Liberate data from legacy backup systems
  • No need for the original hardware or software
  • Data provided in usable, consumable, native file format
  • Full support for over 3000 native tape systems, backup formats, data types and voice logger

Total Data Migration's data restoration services are quick, cost effective, and available anywhere in the world.

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Tape Restoration & Data Access

Total Data Migration (TDM) is the leading provider of tape restoration and data services. Our services enable full access to important data —regardless of storage media format — whenever and wherever you need it.

With a team of industry experts specializing in non-native restoration of tape, we can process any file, email, or voice tape. Our facilities feature an expansive collection of drives and systems, comprising virtually every tape drive ever made.

By utilizing a wide range of autoloaders, libraries. and other automation tools, we can process tapes of any type and any quantity. We keep your data restoration project under budget and within expected timeframes — without sacrificing security.

Trust the experts in data tape services. TDM has delivered tape and data services in over 33 countries across 6 continents. Scalable & secure, our portable onsite solutions allows our experts to process your data and voice tapes anywhere in the world without the risk of data security or data privacy issues.

Email, Data & Voice

For litigation and regulatory events, you need a data partner that can quickly extract the email, data, and voice calls you need.

TDM has extensive experience in handling legally relevant data. Our team can quickly identify and extract emails, data, and calls belonging to individuals or groups of interest, based on a range of criteria including name, email server, date, or channel.

Work with a tape partner with a track record of excellence. Contact TDM to discuss your case.

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Retire Legacy Systems

When your organization is ready to upgrade from legacy archival or backup systems, TDM can help.

Our team can provide the guidance you need to adopt a cloud-based strategy or move to a modern backup format, providing enormous benefits with an excellent return on investment.

  • Eliminate the high maintenance costs of legacy systems
  • Improve data accessibility and ensure compliance with retention requests
  • Remove the fixed costs associated  servers, libraries, and software licenses
  • Find a solution that only costs resources during restoration — not during downtime

Upgrade from legacy systems with guidance from the industry leader.

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Reduce Costs While Maintaining Access To Your Data

Keeping up to date with the latest backup and restore solutions can be a key part of maintaining your IT performance — and maintaining your companies’ competitive advantage.

Your IT department needs to reduce backup times, accelerate restore times, and enhance data availability. Legacy data systems aren't aligned with those goals.

However, archive and legacy data can't be discarded: Due to legal and compliance-related obligations, enterprises often need to retain data tapes that are no longer supported by live infrastructure. Maintaining those systems requires skilled labor, not to mention physical storage space and software licensing fees.

TDM can provide a complete solution for addressing the challenges of legacy and archival data. Our tape restoration experts coordinate your team to find solutions that meet your goals — and solve the problems of enterprise data storage.

Global Services

Total Data Migration utilizes data centers and portable on-site technologies to deliver services globally.

  • Process your data anywhere in the world
  • By utilizing rapid-deploy systems, TDM can be on-site within 24 hours of request
  • Scalable solutions can be deployed without impact on data security or data privacy regulations

Speak with our team to learn how TDM can handle your next data management project.

global services

All services are available anywhere in the world.

With data centers in the US and UK — and the ability to go onsite anywhere in the world — TDM can process any quantity of any type of data tape while maintaining security.

TDM provides proven, scalable solutions, and with a track record that includes projects performed in more than 30 countries, we provide our clients with total peace of mind.

Professional data tape management that doesn't directly connect with your equipment. Our process is designed to avoid data security or data privacy issues, even in multi-jurisdiction projects. And with our detailed knowledge of customs and transport logistics, TDM can ensure your project is managed and supported throughout its duration.

Why Choose Total Data Migration?

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High ROI

TDM has extensive experience migrating data and backup tapes to new environments efficiently, safely, and securely.


Global Mobility

TDM can gather electronic evidence anywhere in the world utilizing our portable on-site systems.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Statement of Work clearly outlines expectations — and ensures reliable results.

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