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Ransomware attack puts the company at risk!

Several months ago, a prominent Nationwide Eye Care integrator acquired and merged a new leading eye care service provider into their network. Two weeks into the completion of this acquisition, the new company was attacked by ransomware causing a complete shutdown of their databases containing all patient information. This created a serious problem for the acquiring company as they were now unable to retrieve or provide any information to their new clients. This situation could have caused major issues for the patients who were in need of immediate care, plus as a health care providing entity, the legal ramification could have been extremely costly. Not to mention a major tarnishing of their impeccable record.

Fortunately for them their dilemma was short lived due to the quick action on their part in reaching out to Total Data Migration (TDM). With the expertise that TDM provided they were quickly able to get into the company’s backup platform. They were then able to restore the data and help them rebuild the client information and get them back on line. Total Data Migration was able to make this happen in just a few short days, with the integrator back up and running with the new restored databases.

This story has a happy ending, patients receiving the care they need, the prominent Nationwide eye care company having a successful acquisition with a very minor interruption in service, and no bad mark against their reputation!! But as we all know, this could have had a very different outcome if they hadn’t reached out to Total Data Migration to help them navigate this very stressful….and potentially costly situation.

If you have experienced a ransomware attack or need to restore and rebuild your business-critical information from backup tapes, contact TDM today to discuss your needs.