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Poor data security creates serious liabilities for any organization. Given the growing threats of ransomware, identity theft, and security-related litigation, many businesses have taken appropriate steps to safeguard their networks.

Unfortunately, many of these companies still rely on outdated data erasure techniques. Software-based data deletion needs to be handled carefully, which can mean hefty costs for...

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The recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline led to significant downtime for crucial American fuel infrastructure — and a $4.4 million payment to the bad actors behind the attack. Unfortunately, the event was not isolated, and ransomware is expected to pose a significant threat in 2021.


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Ransomware attacks continue to draw headlines — and cost world economies billions of dollars per year. In May 2021, the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack became the most high-profile case of ransomware penetration in recent memory. For the time being, the attackers won; the company reportedly paid nearly $5 million to restore the infected...

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Insurgo and Total Data Migration (TDM) are proud to announce their partnership for tape media recycling, as TDM now utilizes the revolutionary and uniquely patented data tape erasure technology KIT® (Kills Information on Tape) and SWAT® (Securely Wipes all Tracks) created and offered by Insurgo.

As the producer of this unique patented data erasure technology, Insurgo developed KIT® following many years of...


Several months ago, a prominent Nationwide Eye Care integrator acquired and merged a new leading eye care service provider into their network. Two weeks into the completion of this acquisition, the new company was attacked by ransomware causing a complete shutdown of their databases containing all patient information. This created a serious problem for the acquiring company as they were now unable to retrieve or provide any information to...


Total Data Migration is the foremost expert in magnetic tape processing within litigation & eDiscovery, supporting more tape types and formats, a larger combination of email, data and voice formats and providing a wider range of global delivery options. For our partners, handling jobs for their clients allows us to offer the best-of-breed tape solutions alongside your specialist' skills elevating the service you...